MacBookPro 15″ 2.2GHz (120GB SSD)



Brand New MacBookPro 15″ 2.2GHz (120GB SSD)
2.2GHz QUAD Core Intel Core i7
8GB(4GB x 2pcs) memory
OWC 120GB Mercury Electra 6G SSD
500GB Harddrive with Data Doubler
Intel HD Graphics 3000
AMD Radeon HD 6750 512MB GDDR5
OS X Lion
Built-in battery(7 hours)
Check More Details on warranty.

Built from Brand new MacBookPro 15″ 2011. Comes with 1 year Apple warranty and Apple Care warranty eligible. For warranty claim send the MacBookPro 15″ back to us and we will do the warranty claim on your behalf. All Mac we supply are purchased locally from Authorized Apple Resellers. Upon receiving your confirmation takes 3 to 4 days to built before delivery. If you have more questions email to